Impact Scorecard

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The Workwell Impact Scorecard
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strategy delivers your promised value

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You want confidence that your strategy is:

Owned by your leaders
Believed in by your people and your customers
Invested in by funders and partners


Timing is

Your reputation
hinges on it

pressure exists

Not everyone
is yet on board

How some leaders have used the Impact Scorecard

The Impact Scorecard arrived at the right time for me. We were looking at our impact as a recently merged entity with a new executive. The analysis was super easy to read, gave a good narrative about the NFP environment and some easy steps to improve results.

Tracey Gibson, General Manager,
Uniting Victas

I found the Impact Scorecard very useful and sent a copy to my Board as we were in the middle of reviewing our Strategic Plan. I thought the questions were very good for the group to reflect more indepth about current issues with our organisation. We used them at a planning session with the whole Board; It was a very good exercise and generated a lot of conversation.

Bruno Cyr, Chief Executive,
Burke & Beyond

I completed the Impact Scorecard as a benchmark, as I had recently joined the orgnisation. I would like to re-do it when I have been here longer and an envolving team has settled. I would like both my team and also the entire team to do it and compare what we all think at different levels.

Jacki Eckert, General Manager
Gateway Health

Impact Scorecard

Measuring you against 11 factors the highest performing organisations have in common


Why you are in


The service you provide
and don’t provide


The size of the impact
you’re trying to achieve


How you measure


The shared beliefs
that make you special or unique


How well you use your customers
to amplify your efforts


How you ally with those who also
serve your customers in ways
you don’t or can’t


How well you do what matters the
most and stop doing that which
doesn’t add value

Future Proof

How well you do new things
new ways rather than the
old things the old way


How well you ensure every effort
leads to an outcome


How well you shamelessly build
positive awareness of your work